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Job Boards

There are a ton of job boards out there. Below are some that I liked. My advice would be to check out the options out there, and choose a few that you like to check regularly and incorporate them into your weekly routine.

DEI-focused job boards

Regional job boards

Job boards for mission-driven work

Other job boards

Other places to find job listings


Job boards can be expensive, and not all companies post to them. If you have a dream company, it's a good idea to keep an eye on their "careers" page. It's also a great idea to join some local tech Slack communities - most have a job listings channel where people will post openings at their companies.

This tiktok also had a great tip for finding job listings - use Google search operators to your advantage. This is the search example used in the video, customize it for your needs: | site: | | site: (engineer | developer) "react" -staff -senior -sr. -principal -lead -"c++" after:2022-07-01